Romania: Consultations on forming a government between the PSD and the PNL continue

Consultations are ongoing with the two main parties, PSD and PNL, with a view to forming a government.

The PSD announced that at today’s meeting of the National Political Council it has decided to start negotiations with the PNL, the UDMR and the ethnic minorities to form the government. In the PNL difficulties remain, as many organizations, especially in Transylvania, oppose such cooperation.

Interim Prime Minister Florin Cicu said his party would nominate him for prime minister, but added that the mandate belongs to President Klaus Iohannis. He appeared ready to give the Ministry of Justice to the PSD, but President Iohannis disagrees.

Citu said he has seen an attempt to change the PNRR, which is impossible to do, and stressed that it is vital for the PNL to maintain the PSD.

PSD Deputy Chairman Sorin Grindeanu clarified that Florin Ciţu is excluded from being prime minister in a government in which the PSD will participate and added that the Social Democrats will appoint a prime minister.

He also said that the special weight of the PSD in coalition with the PNL will be representative of the special weight of the parties in the Assembly.ibna

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