Montenegro: Krivokapic met with Brnabic and Vucic in Belgrade

On the second day of his visit to the Republic of Serbia, the Prime Minister of Montenegro Zdravko Krivokapi u met with the President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vuiqi dhe and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Ana Brnabi,, at whose invitation he is paying his first official visit. in Belgrade.

In a meeting with President Vucic, Krivokapic stressed that Montenegro wants better relations with Serbia and a common future in the European Union.

Vuiqiiq welcomed the Montenegrin Prime Minister to Belgrade and said that Montenegro is the closest country to Serbia.

“He expressed the expectation that in the future the meetings between the officials of the two countries will be more frequent and more intense”, announced the Government of Serbia.

The interlocutors discussed the current economic opportunities and challenges in terms of economic recovery in the Western Balkans and the region as a whole.

“President Vuiqiiq stressed that both countries are facing energy challenges and that in this sense it is necessary to prepare a serious strategy for overcoming them,” the statement said.

The Prime Minister of Montenegro expressed confidence that the relations between Montenegro and Serbia, in terms of economic cooperation, will be intensified in the coming period and as such will contribute to the economic recovery after the pandemic and the stabilization of general opportunities. In this sense, investments from Serbia are more than welcome.

In the meeting with the Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic, it was assessed that the relations between the two countries are good and that the governments are determined to contribute to the intensification of cooperation in the interest of all citizens.

The main message of the meeting is that the region has no alternative when it comes to EU membership and in this way all neighboring countries must work closely together to achieve as soon as possible the desired goal, ie the status of full members. of the European Union.

Prime Minister Krivokapic stressed that Montenegro is open to investment from Serbia and announced the establishment of the Montenegrin Development Institute.

In this context, Prime Minister Brnabic stressed that “economic relations between Montenegro and Serbia are excellent and that they have never been affected by political relations.”

“Our view is that the common goal of both governments should be to achieve one billion euros of trade a year. “Serbia supports Montenegro’s European path and the invitation for Montenegro to join the Open Balkans initiative remains open,” said Prime Minister Brnabić.

Both sides agreed that Montenegro and Serbia have much in common and that special emphasis should be placed on intensifying economic co-operation between the two countries.

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