Bosnia & Herzegovina

EU concerned about situation in BiH

European Commission spokesman Peter Stano said today that the EU is concerned about developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He added that the EU, in co-operation with US partners, had “increased political activity” in trying to find a solution to the current crisis in BiH. He stressed that the Altea-EUFOR mission has an important role to play in the stability and security of BiH.

“We will follow the talks that are planned for today and in the coming days in the United Nations Security Council, but it is not up to us to comment on those discussions. We expect the mandate of the mission, which is important for Bosnia and Herzegovina, to be extended. “We are committed to the Altea mission, which was confirmed by the conclusions of the October 18 meeting,” said a spokesman for the European Commission.

He added that the EU representative met with political leaders in BiH to convey a clear message that divisive rhetoric must be stopped and unilateral actions undermining the territorial integrity, sovereignty and unity of Bosnia and Herzegovina must be stopped.

“We must engage in political dialogue because the only constructive way to find a solution to the crisis is dialogue between political leaders, and as I said, unilateral actions and rhetoric of partition must stop for the good of the citizens of BiH and “European perspectives,” said Peter Stano.

In the end, he underlined once again that the European Union’s commitment continues in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“It is not just about last week’s visits, but we are continuing our activities to help political leaders in BiH find a solution to the crisis,” a European Commission spokesman concluded.

The UN Security Council is due to discuss the situation in BiH today, after Russia’s request that High Representative Christian Schmidt and the OHR not be mentioned in the statement be approved in the statement. In BiH, the decision has sparked outrage among Bosnian politicians, who believe it has given the green light to SNSD leader and Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik to pursue consensus building efforts to form several institutions. important state level.

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