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Croatia: People’s electorate and legitimate representation are the foundation of a fair BiH election law

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovi pr received in Banski the Speaker of the People’s Chamber of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dr. Dragan ovovi.. The Prime Minister was accompanied by Foreign and European Minister Gordan Grlic Radman.

“Today’s meeting followed a series of talks between BiH political actors, as well as the Croatian government, with representatives of the EU, US and the international community on reforming BiH electoral legislation and the importance of removing the anomalies that allow the imposition of political representatives in BiH’s highest institutions and overcome the Croatian people by a majority vote.

“Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovi thekso stressed that the issue of the position of Croats in BiH is a topic of vital Croatian interest. He stressed Croatia’s support for reaching an agreement between the political parties in BiH as soon as possible and the adoption of amendments to the Electoral Law by the end of the year, which will fully respect the equality and legitimate representation of the constituent peoples in the Presidency. of BiH and higher institutions “, it is said in a press release issued after the meeting.

The Speaker of the People’s Chamber, Dr. Dragan Covic briefed Prime Minister Plenkovic on current events in BiH and the next steps in reaching a final agreement that will enable legitimate political representation in government bodies and institutions as required by the BiH Constitution and decisions. BiH Constitutional Court and European Court of Human Rights. Čović opposed all political actors in BiH who are in favor of maintaining the status quo, which would deepen the current crisis.

It was emphasized at today’s meeting that the concept of constitutive representation of peoples is key to the equality of the three peoples in BiH. It is also the foundation of a constitutional, fair and rational Electoral Law that will enable the legitimate representation of the constituent peoples in the BiH government and institutions, as well as the right to active and passive voting for all BiH residents. The interlocutors also expressed the expectation that the activities of the EU and the US will contribute to a constructive atmosphere in the negotiations between the political actors and the reaching of a final agreement.

They also discussed continuing BiH’s path towards EU and NATO membership, further fighting COVID-19, and economic co-operation.

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