Montenegro: The Democratic Front demands the election of a new government

One of the leaders of the Democratic Front (DF) of Montenegro, Andrija Mandic, said that due to Deputy Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic and GP URA and Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic, the phase of rebuilding the government for the FD is over. He added that the political alliance had launched an initiative to elect a new government.

At the start of a press conference Monday, Mandic said a new phase of political life in Montenegro is now beginning, adding that they have made great efforts to resolve the country’s political crisis. As he stressed, in that alliance they were ready to support the reconstruction of the Government of Zdravko Krivokapic and to take an active part in the reconstruction.

“There was a lot of space, time, strength. Unfortunately, the time has come to say that due to Dritan Abazovi dhe and the URA Civic Movement, as well as Prime Minister Krivokapi,, as far as DF is concerned, the phases related to the reshuffle of the government are coming to an end and we are no longer in talks about this process. . From today we start a new initiative, the election of the new government and we will propose to the partners from the parliamentary majority, who elected the current government with 41 votes, to elect a new executive, prime minister, minister. “, Said Mandic.

He added that he would appreciate the work of those who have participated in the work of the Government so far and added that FD has long been dissatisfied with the results of the Government.

“If this process fails, we know what the only solution is and in whose hands is the solution to any political crisis, including the one that exists in Montenegro,” Mandic said.

Mandic added that DF will take part in the voting of the laws in the next period, which, as he said, are in the interest of the citizens of Montenegro.

“Citizens will not suffer because of this decision, but we can not allow citizens to suffer because we have a government that does not have the support of the Assembly, which has not delivered the products we have requested. “Therefore, the most important thing is to open a new political process,” Mandic said, urging partners from the parliamentary majority to comment on the DF proposal.

He says he will consider all possibilities.

“We have also extended our hand around the reconstruction and today we are extending it to the people of the majority. “We think this is the fairest thing we can do to those who voted for the parliamentary majority,” Mandic said.

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