MEPs call on the EU to speed up the integration of the Western Balkan countries

MEPs call on the European Union to support financially and through institutional cooperation the countries of the Western Balkans to fight corruption and organized crime. Through a report adopted by the Foreign Affairs Committee for the Western Balkans, MEPs call on countries to step up efforts to advance justice system reforms.

The document states that the integration of these states would enable their removal from the map as countries of origin for trafficking in human beings. EU co-operation with the Western Balkans would reduce criminal activity in those countries, the report said. On the other hand, MEPs want the countries of the region to address all the shortcomings they have in their justice system, so that the European Union can provide them with the necessary assistance.

According to the report, EU support would put an end to all interventions by Russia and China, which do not have a functioning democratic system. In another point of this report, it is underlined that the EU should continue the visa liberalization process for Kosovo without further delays. Among other things, the report emphasizes that the governments of the region should continue their cooperation through Eurojust, which includes Albania, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, as well as authorizing the opening of negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Source: RTI

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