Montenegro: “This is a law that worries us all”

The political director of the Montenegrin Civic Movement URA, Ana Novakovic Djurovic, said today that the Law on the Origin of Property is a powerful mechanism in the fight against corruption and organized crime.

“With its adequate application, the formula should be revealed to the citizens after a few decades – how to make a luxurious life from an officially modest income or without income. This is a law that concerns us all and that will help what we see in our daily lives to be finally researched and clarified. “At the same time, this is an opportunity for all those who have legally acquired their property to show it and to free themselves from public pressure and unjustified punishment,” Novakovic Djurovic said.

She added that it is extremely important that the public debate on the draft law involves all actors of society: NGOs, academia, media, lawyers, all interested citizens with their proposals, in order to achieve the most possible regulation good that can be. implemented effectively in practice.

“The URA strongly supports the adoption of this law, which puts us on the right path of our reforms and turns us towards essential issues, important for all citizens, and not issues of national and religious identity, which polarize and burden us. . We believe that all political entities, both in power and in opposition, are aware of the importance of this regulation, that their proposals will contribute to its best quality and that in the end everyone will support it in the Assembly. “, He said. Novakovic Djurovic.

According to her, “the drafting and adoption of this law will be a concrete response to the recommendations of the latest report of the European Commission for Montenegro.”

“However, even the best legal text is insufficient if it is not implemented. Therefore, in parallel with this law, we must strengthen the institutions, their independence and professionalism, especially in justice and prosecution, so that the citizens really feel justice “, concluded the political director of URE.

However, PDP leader Nebojsa Medojevic claims that the Draft Law on the Origin of Property does not exist as an official act.

“There is no new law on the origin of property, which has been discussed for more than two years. The government has never reviewed the draft nor approved it. “The policy of shame on the state and free populism continues,” Medojevic added.

As he pointed out, the public is only now learning that changes are actually being made to the existing Law on Tax Administration, the Law on Confiscation of Crime Revenues and the Law on Personal Income Tax.

“The idea is to compromise one of the most important state issues. There is no effective fight against the mafia without opening the ANB files, banning the work of the DPS and deep polishing. Such unprecedented state embarrassment by the ignorant and dilettantes must be stopped. “Elections are the only peaceful, democratic and legitimate solution to the deep political crisis and paralysis of the political system and the institutions of the system,” Medojevic said.

The draft law on confiscation of illegally acquired property was presented to the public yesterday by the President of the URA and Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dritan Abazovic, who said that it is an “anti-mafia law”.

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