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BiH: Schmidt in the BiH Parliament

The High Representative of the International Community in BiH, Christian Schmidt, addressed the deputies of the Federation of BiH in the BiH Parliament today, because the deputies of Republika Srpska refused to come to the session.

The rejection of the RS deputies is, first, the result of the introduction of changes in the criminal law, according to which the denial of genocide became punishable and the fact that the UN Security Council did not appoint Schmidt. However, Schmidt had no problem addressing only the Federation of BiH deputies in the state parliament.

“Not all MPs are there, but I hope they will attend and take the opportunity to talk because parliament is a place for dialogue,” Schmidt said, urging RS politicians to end the blockade. of institutions.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina is now in a situation where some elected representatives are paralyzing the work of state institutions, which is not in line with the oath that everyone has taken, and politicians who do not focus on real challenges, in the long run, will “They have no support,” said Schmidt.

He announced that he will be in New York next week and that he will speak at the UN Security Council session. He added that he had recently visited countries in Europe and the region to keep BiH in the focus of the international community.

“Believe me, they are following him closely. Our common interest is to contribute to peace in the Western Balkans and especially in BiH. At this time, I understand very well that the citizens of BiH have many doubts, because the elected must work to convince everyone of a peaceful and common future that respects the rights of all. The international community and the High Representative take this very seriously. “But this can not happen without you and those who have responsibility for their country,” said Schmidt.

He stressed that “he sees his position with all the competencies that the international community has agreed on”, but also criticized the deputies.

“The number of approved laws is minimal. This negative trend has been going on since 2010. Anyone who tries to find excuses but does not focus on challenges will ultimately have no support. You know better than I do what the challenges are in this country. It is about the young population. I hear too often about discussions, and whether this or that is better, instead of talking about how to get closer to the EU. The state budget for 2021 has not yet been approved, while the temporary funding is until December. “The fact that the budget was not approved before July shows that we have to work for it,” said the High Representative.

He said he was surprised that the entities, and perhaps the cantons, were getting money without having to do anything about it. However, he also clarified that the changes in the law due to which the Serb representatives left the institutions do not only refer to the convicted genocide in Srebrenica, but also give satisfaction to all the victims. Speaking of initiatives to withdraw RS consent to the formation of the BiH Armed Forces, taxes and other institutions, Schmidt said this would not be feasible.

“The international community will not just sit idly by and watch that everything is being destroyed. As High Representative, I invite you to work with me. I am not someone who has come to dominate. Citizens do not deserve fear; “An atmosphere of fear and division will accelerate the exodus of young people who are already leaving because of corruption,” said the High Representative.

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