Romania: Margins for Ciuca to form a government are narrowing

Incumbent Prime Minister Nikolae Ciuca said Wednesday he would negotiate with the USR and PSD parties to support a minority government. He has clarified that he will not submit his mandate and that he will submit the government program and the list of ministers to the Assembly by Saturday. Ciuca says he has a mandate for a PNL-UDMR minority government. However, the candidate for prime minister did not rule out “softening” the party’s mandate. “The flexibility of the mandate should be discussed and decided if necessary. “By Friday at the latest,” Ciuca said.

The second round of consultations on the formation of the PNL-PSD parliamentary majority last night without another failure. The PNL insists on the formula of a “minority government supported by a parliamentary majority”, while the PSD seeks to have ministers in government. In fact, he initially asked for nine ministries.

Yesterday’s meeting in Vila Laç was attended by the incumbent Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca, PNL President Florin Citu and on behalf of the PSD President Marcel Ciolacu, First Vice President Sorin Grindeanu, Secretary General Paul Stanescu and President of the Vasile National Council Dance.

The two sides came out in less than an hour and agreed to meet again, each hoping that by then the other party would withdraw. That is, either the PSD agrees to support a PNL-UDMR minority government or the PNL gives Ciuca room to maneuver in the negotiations and agrees to a PNL-PSD government.

This third meeting is expected to take place tonight evening or tomorrow morning so that in case of agreement there is time to take all the steps provided in the procedure set out in the Constitution before Sunday, which is the end of the ten-day period available. of Ciuca.

According to press releases, the PSD has limited its claims to seven ministries, including Finance, Health and – possibly – European Resources, as there is still strong reaction from provincial organizations to support the government without control over (financial) decisions. Within the party there is a clear choice not to support a minority government, Marcel Ciolacu said in a statement to Agerpres.

Yesterday Ciuca sent a letter to party leaders in which he proposed a “political ceasefire” for the coming months. This “ceasefire” would mean unconditional parliamentary support from the USR and PSD for a PNL-UDMR minority government. In his letter, the caretaker Prime Minister acknowledged that he was in a “serious stalemate”.

The announcement was made by PNL president Florin Citu at a press conference in which Nicolae Ciuca was not present.

“I propose a political ceasefire. To give Romania the opportunity to breathe and heal, to gather its strength and regain confidence in the future. Such a ceasefire would not mean abandonment of the political values ​​and interests of the parliamentary parties, but the prioritization of some higher values ​​and interests, which concern all citizens and the whole country. “I believe that the ceasefire is the solution to Romania’s exit from the crisis,” the caretaker prime minister wrote in a letter to PSD and USSR leaders.

USSR President Dacian Ciolos said it was not a ceasefire, but the USR was ready to sit down at the negotiating table to find a solution along with the PNL and the UDMR. He also stressed that there is a need for a stable government and that the majority can be reconstituted.

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