Montenegro: Government officials present model of confiscation of property of illegal origin

The purpose of the adoption of this law is to finally end the illegal enrichment of public officials, criminals or citizens who have acquired wealth illegally, said Deputy Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic at a press conference on the occasion of the presentation of the confiscation model. of wealth. of illegal origin.

According to a government statement, Abazovic stressed that this is a systematic law that will significantly contribute to the fight against organized crime and corruption in Montenegro.

This is the law against the mafia, which will significantly help in achieving justice. It is designed to be functional and workable. I am proud of what the working group has done in the past period. I hope that other competent bodies will also contribute, said Abazovic.

Explaining the problems that preceded the drafting of this legal solution, Deputy Advisor to the Prime Minister for Legal Affairs Ivo Soc said that it was a challenge to create a law that would find its place in the existing legal system and would be in line with international law. .

This is not an inquisitorial law, this is a model that guarantees the creation of a system that will effectively identify illegally acquired property and confiscate property through litigation, unless it is proven that it has been legally acquired. It was a challenge to avoid the traps of populism and to draft a law that would sound nice but would not be applicable in practice. Not just a law has been drafted, but a whole mechanism that provides for the review and confiscation of illegally acquired property through several procedures, the Associate explained.

Speaking about the procedure, State Secretary at the Ministry of Justice, Human Rights and Minorities Boris Maric said the origin of the property would be examined if there were reasonable doubts.

State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance and Social Welfare Janko Odovic stressed that there will be two additional mechanisms that can be applied.

If the origin of the property is determined in court, then the classic tax procedure comes into play, which determines whether the property is reported and taxed in accordance with the law, he added.

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