The Council of Europe supports Montenegro’s European integration

The Speaker of the Parliament of Montenegro, Aleksa Beçiiq, met in Athens the President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Hendrik Dems, it is announced by the cabinet of Beçi..

Noting that Montenegro, as a candidate country in the dynamic process of EU integration negotiations, Becic stressed that his country, as a full member of the Council of Europe, remains fully committed to achieving the standards promoted by this organization.

He noted the unwavering commitment of the new parliamentary majority to the foreign policy course, noting that Montenegro is “strongly open to the family of European nations”, as evidenced by the support of the majority of its citizens. In this context, Becic said that he expected a proactive response from Europe, ie a strategic response, especially given that Montenegro has made the greatest progress on the European path, that it has opened all chapters of negotiations, has temporarily closed three , emphasizing that this country has a 100% harmonized foreign policy and a harmonized monetary policy. He also stressed the fact that Montenegro’s highest legislative chamber has been declared the most transparent in the Western Balkans.

He also assessed that in the end, Montenegro’s entry into the EU would be a strong motivating factor for other aspiring countries from the Western Balkans region.

The President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Hendrik Dems, said that he will continue to advocate that the message, but also the need for Montenegro, be recognized in European addresses.

Referring to President Becic’s presentation on “The common future of all Europeans”, Dems said that such topics deserve to be part of the agenda, so countries like yours were given the opportunity to send a message because, although we are otherwise. The organization from the EU, I believe that we serve as intermediaries to convey messages to the European Union. Do not worry, we are in the same task. “

Becic thanked the well-organized, above all constructive and useful European Conference of Speakers of Parliament of the Council of Europe, emphasizing the special satisfaction that Montenegro, as a member state of the Council of Europe, used the opportunity to send an important message . to the European Union – that his country is the first member state of the European Union.

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