Slovenia: Minister Hoys said Europol is a key partner in internal security

The National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia and the European Parliament co-organized the ninth meeting of the Joint Parliamentary Control Group on Europol, which was held in Brussels. The meeting was dedicated to an overview of Europol activities this year and the presentation of the Draft Europol Multiannual Programming Document 2022-2024. Cybercrime in the EU was also discussed, with a focus on cybercrime, financial crime and corruption.

Slovenian Interior Minister Alej Hojs said in his opening speech that Europol is one of the key partners in ensuring internal security. “It provides invaluable operational support to our countries’ police forces in conducting investigations through its analytical skills, innovation and expertise,” Hoys said. He went on to stress the important role of Europol in cooperating with neighboring regions, especially the Western Balkans.

“This is why the review of Europol’s mandate is one of the top priorities for Slovenia during our Presidency of the Council of the EU. We are actively working at both the expert and political level to reach an agreement on the text between the co-legislators as soon as possible. “I personally will make every effort to reach an agreement on the text as long as I have the honor and privilege to represent the position of the Council of the EU,” said Mr Hoys. to hold the first political meeting to review Europol’s mandate. “I am confident that all stakeholders will do their utmost to agree on the text by the end of this year,” Hoys said.

In his speech, the Minister also spoke about the fight against child sexual abuse: “Slovenia has recognized the importance of the fight against child sexual abuse online, and has recognized the importance and necessity of strengthening international cooperation in detection and detection and investigation of crimes in this area. This is therefore one of the important priorities during the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU, with emphasis on the key role of close cooperation in the Western Balkans region and, of course, with Europe and the European institutions. That is why a special ministerial meeting on the prevention, detection and investigation of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children will be held on 11-12 November 2021 in Brdo pri Cranju, with the participation of the interior ministers of the member states of the EU. “, the countries of the Western Balkans and the United States, as well as representatives of the European Commission, the European Parliament and Europol”, concluded Minister Hoys.

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