Croatia: Božinović announced stricter control of current measures

Croatian Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Davor Božinović said on Monday after the Civil Defense Headquarters that staff members met with the Prime Minister that they analyzed the current situation regarding the coronavirus epidemic in Croatia.

The number of newly infected and hospitalized is growing, he said, which was expected given the arrival of colder weather and a longer stay at home.

Boçinović once again called for respect for basic epidemiological measures as well as vaccination as much as possible, because in addition there is no better protection.

He added that although vaccinated people can also become infected and, unknowingly, spread the virus, vaccination is still the best protection against severe forms of the disease.

Regarding anti-epidemic measures, Minister Bozinovic said that today’s meeting focused on intensified control over the implementation of those measures that are already in force, such as keeping masks indoors, given that this obligation recently is easily taken.

Also, talks will continue about the fact that almost a quarter of infected newcomers are from the school system, so it will be seen how future vacations can be used so that maybe those two working days a week after All Saints should not go to schools. However, he stressed, this possibility will be discussed during the day.

The third dose, ie the boosting dose of the vaccine, will be intensified for those citizens for whom it is recommended according to scientific research.

Asked if there will be austerity measures and expand the use of Covid confirmation, Minister Božinović said that it is first of all important to insist strongly on the observance of the measures that are already in force, especially in the use of masks in public premises. closed.

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