Montenegro: Abazović and Radulović visit the USA

Montenegrin Deputy Prime Minister Dritan Abazović and Foreign Minister orgorjee Radulović met in New York with United Nations General Assembly President Abdul Shahid, the Montenegrin government announced.

“Montenegro will continue to contribute to maintaining global peace. “Together, we are strengthening the cosmopolitan spirit of the world community,” Abazovi tha said.

He added that the fundamental values ​​on which the UN is based have historically been incorporated into Montenegrin society, which today inherits the values ​​of a multicultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious community.

“The Government of Montenegro is committed to the values ​​of the UN and the observance of the Charter and international obligations, achieving the goals set out in Agenda 2030, as the main guidelines for international action and cooperation of Montenegro with the UN system. “, said Minister Radulovi..

He noted that Montenegro continues to work hard to improve and support the integration of the human rights dimension into all aspects of UN work.

“Small countries can do a lot to improve the situation around the world. Our commitment is to give people hope that we can secure a better tomorrow regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and environmental protection. No one is safe until everyone is safe. We must work together and share common and successful stories, “said UN General Assembly President Abdullah Shahid.

The interlocutors agreed that climate change is one of the biggest challenges today and that Montenegro must continue to contribute to reducing global emissions.

The Montenegrin delegation also met with representatives of the diaspora, which mainly consists of citizens from Ulcinj, Bar, Tuzi, Krajina, Ana Malita, Plava and Gusinje.

“Our diaspora is an unused gem. “We want them to invest even more in Montenegro and for the state to appreciate it more than it has been so far,” Abazović said.

Radulovic noted that the government was “firmly committed to fostering relations with migrants”.

“Thank you for investing and helping Montenegro continuously, especially in difficult times,” said Minister Radulov.

During the discussion, Abazović, Radulović and representatives of the diaspora exchanged views on many issues, especially the possibilities of stronger cooperation with the mother country, but also the current political situation in Montenegro.

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