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BiH: Chief Prosecutor Gordana Tadic was officially fired

The BiH High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council / HJPC / on Wednesday confirmed the decision of the Second Instance Disciplinary Commission and removed Gordana Tadic from the post of BiH Chief Prosecutor.

Six members of the Council voted in favor of the decision, five were against and one abstained.

As previously decided, Tadic will be transferred from the position of Chief Prosecutor to the position of Prosecutor of the BiH Prosecution.

The HJPC took a decision at today’s hearing by announcing a vacancy for the new BiH Chief Prosecutor.

The HJPC, which can appoint, dismiss and impose disciplinary measures on judges and prosecutors in the country, recalled that, in deciding on the Office of the Disciplinary Counsel (ODC) disciplinary lawsuit against Gordana Tadic, the First Instance Disciplinary Commission confirmed a disciplinary liability of the Chief Prosecutor ”because she failed to act in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Regulation on Automatic Distribution System (TCMS) and the Council Conclusion of 17 and 18 December 2014, by which the HJC BiH instructs Chief Prosecutors in BiH to ensure case assignment in the institution their all prosecutors through TCMS. ”

They also stated that she “failed to take the necessary actions to remove possible technical obstacles in separating cases from the automatic selection system”, thus committing disciplinary violations of “negligence in the performance of official duties” and “non-compliance with decisions”. , orders or requests of the Council for unjustified reasons ”of the Law on HJPC BiH.

“Point b) of the mentioned decision stated that contrary to the provisions of the Law on Protection of Classified Information of BiH, the defendant failed to initiate the procedure of personal security checks of the employees of the BiH Prosecutor’s Office and did not act in accordance with the conclusion of the HJC of BiH of 17 July 2019, which “obliges all judicial institutions in BiH to urgently implement all obligations and measures set out in the Law on Protection of Classified Information of BiH”, thus committing disciplinary violations “negligence or negligence in “performing official duties’ and ‘failing to comply with decisions, orders or requests of the Council, for unjustified reasons’ of the Law on the HJPC of BiH,” the HJPC added.

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