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BiH: USAID Director in BiH Visits VSTS

The Director of the USAID Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Courtney Chubb, visited today, with her associates, the Presidency of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The meeting was attended by President Halil Lagumdzija, Vice President Sanela Gorušanović Butigan, and Permanent Member Sanin Bogunić, while the USAID delegation consisted of Mission Director Courtney Chubb, USAID Office of Democracy Chief Peter Cron, and Chief Executive Officer and Savannah Planning Thomas Arrigo.

During her presentation, Director Chubb said that the USAID Mission in BiH has supported the judiciary in Bosnia and Herzegovina for many years, as well as the HJPC BiH since its inception in 2003, and that she believes many positive changes have been made in The past. “The judiciary is the first line of defense against corruption and abuse of office,” Chubb said.

President Lagumxhija said that the issue of efficient processing of organized crime cases is a key issue for the successful functioning of the rule of law. He stressed that providing the preconditions for the successful processing of these cases, in addition to basic competencies, is one of the most priority issues at the HJPC in BiH. He briefed the USAID delegation on the activities undertaken by the HJC BiH to improve the work of the judiciary and the institution itself through its Reform Program and Action Plan, as well as other strategic documents and plans.

Vice President Gorušanović Butigan introduced the guests with the activities undertaken by the HJC BiH regarding the improvement of the transparency of the institution and the entire judiciary through the development of the Communication Strategy of the HJC BiH, while the permanent member of the HJPC Bogunić mentioned some related activities. improving the prosecution system and corruption.

At the end of the meeting, Director Chubb noted that she was pleased with the willingness of the new leadership of VSTS BiH to find creative solutions to the challenges facing the system and that USAID was available for any support in creating these solutions. with

The Presidency of the HJC BiH thanked for the support so far, expressing hope that the successful cooperation will continue in the future.

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