Croatia: Uber drivers go on strike in Zagreb

The citizens of Zagreb who wanted to use the Uber service this morning were unpleasantly surprised by the reception and the higher prices. Most of the Uber drivers were on strike and those in the cars just kept the services alive.
” We can not contact the company. We have not received an explanation as to why the money is late and when it will be paid. (…) We feel like digital slaves, ” they said.
The salary that was supposed to be in their accounts last Tuesday was paid this morning, and Uber claimed over the weekend that the delay was due to an error in the local banking system. However, the Uber team continued the strike organized by the Croatian Digital Platform Workers’ Union until 10 a.m. today. At 10 a.m., union secretary Iva Filipović addressed the media, saying they decided to promote a strike by Uber driver because they felt an immediate response was needed. They called on Uber to show solidarity with them.
“We’re sorry the app should have been blocked, but we’re in a relationship that feels like digital slaves,” she told Uber’s headquarters in Croatia.
She added that Uber constantly emphasizes that their executives are partners, that they are socially aware and care about the community. “Then how can we not contact them? We have not received an explanation of what is happening, why the money is late and when it will be paid,” she said, adding that the money was paid today.
She said they were on strike until 10 a.m. to send a message to Uber. “Unfortunately, we can not talk to any natural person from Uber,” she said, adding that this could happen with any other digital platform, not just Uber. She also said that drivers in Zagreb, at best, can meet with a student who can solve some basic problems in the application. “Drivers from the rest of Croatia can only get an appointment online,” she added.
“Excuse me because no one from Uber showed up, we were hoping someone from the management would come out and explain to us what was going on,” she said, adding that it says a lot about Uber’s claim that their drivers are actually partners. When asked by reporters, she said the boycott was felt and that users expected twice as much for the trip, as well as that the trips were twice as expensive. “It’s hard to say, but experience shows that a large number of drivers who would otherwise be on the road were not there today,” she said.
Journalists also asked her how many drivers Uber has in Croatia, to which she replied that only Uber can answer. She also said that they are a young union, whose membership is growing, although they are aware that people in Croatia are afraid of the union. She added, however, that some wage problems like this can only be solved if they work together.
She also explained that the problem is that she is, for example, in terms of the state, a self-employed person with whom Uber is a partner. “If Uber does not pay me, I can not pay the benefits to the state,” she said.
Uber reported that they were notified that a group of partner drivers were on strike and that they could understand their position and comply with the requirements. They also pointed out that problems at local banks caused the problem with payments.

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