Cioloș: USR will propose a government

Incumbent Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said on Friday, after the PNL refused to support him in forming a government, that the USR would go further and propose a government early next week. He said a meeting of the USR Political Committee will be held on Sunday afternoon, by which time the PNL may change its mind.

“I still urge the PNL not to relinquish its responsibility because Romania needs a government. I hope we will find a solution. As for the USR in these circumstances and out of a desire to resolve the crisis we are going through as soon as possible. if possible, the USR remains committed and I, as the caretaker Prime Minister, remain determined to propose a government to Parliament by the beginning of next week, whether there is support or not.

On Sunday afternoon we will have a meeting of the USR Political Committee in which we will also discuss the government program and the list of ministers.

By Sunday, if PNL is still interested in discussions, he knows where to find us. We will make a move to the Room early next week, whatever happens. Romania urgently needs a government with full powers. I don’t think it’s time for me to sit back and enjoy any kind of hurt ego. The PNL is not ready to offer solutions, no problem, the USR will do that, “said Dacian Cioloș, president of the USR.

The Executive Bureau of the National Liberal Party (PNL) decided on Friday not to support a Cioloș government. The decision makes a proposal to Dacian Cioloș “to form a majority with PSD and AUR”.

Political commentators comment that it is clear that Ciolos has no chance of forming a majority.

Last night, scenarios were circulating that Dacian Ciolos would hand over the mandate in favor of the PNL, which allegedly was ready to agree to nominate another person besides Florin Citu for prime minister. In fact, names circulated, such as Bolojan and Bode, who, unlike the former, have a good relationship with President Iohannis./ ibna

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