Romania: First consultations with PNL, PSD and USR completed

President Iohannis’ consultations with the PNL, PSD and USR have been completed, while negotiations with the other parties began at 16.00.

In his statements, Florin Cițu ruled out the possibility of supporting Dacian Cioloș as Prime Minister, arguing that the USR voted in favor of the censorship motion. The PNL is a responsible party, he said.

“When we have a majority, we will announce the name” we are proposing for prime minister. “We will continue the negotiations,” Ciu added, without specifying with whom the liberals are negotiating.

In statements after consultations with Klaus Iohannis, Marcel Ciolacu of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) said that both President Iohannis and the Liberals are responsible for the crisis the country is going through, a triple crisis, he said, social, economic and many serious health.

In these circumstances, he stressed, without a “significant” majority in Parliament, there can be no talk of a minority government. The PSD does not believe, he said, that “it will be possible to find a majority for a stable government”, but for early elections, he added.

At the same time, he assured the president that Romanians would not be left to their own devices: “Everything a sacked government cannot do will be done by the Romanian Parliament.” And the PSD, as the largest political party in Parliament, “will work 24 hours a day” in this regard, he stressed.

And he expressed hope that the law providing for a limit on energy and gas prices will go into ratification next week at the latest. At the same time, he said Parliament would approve all solutions proposed by the government to overcome the health and economic crisis.

The PSD is not avoiding governance, he said, but would only take over if the Social Democrats had a solid majority.

The PSD president explained that a new alliance PSD-AUR and USR was not formed after the censorship motion. “We introduced a censorship motion, we did not create a new political majority. We did not come up with a new political program, “said Marcel Ciolacu, responding to Florin Cițu’s statements on the issue.

Marcel Ciolacu showed his offensive intentions even before the talks, saying: “We go to the consultations in Cotroceni out of respect for the presidential institution” and not for those who brought us here.

The USR is the only party that came ‘ready’. He had the name of a candidate for Prime Minister and a package of measures that will form the basis of the government program: reduction of energy prices by 32%; reduction of VAT on energy and gas from 19% to 5% for six months for domestic consumers; concrete measures to prevent the spread of COVID; dismantling the SIIJ by the end of October and approving the Justice Invoice by the end of 2022; reform of state-owned enterprises; modernization of legislation by the end of 2022; special pension reform by the end of 2022; and the reform of the special pension scheme by the end of 2022. α.

In a statement, Dacian Ciolos said the President was informed that the USR has a serious proposal for the office of Prime Minister, as well as a governance program. Klaus Iohannis, confirmed that the previous parties did not nominate a Prime Minister and that he would take our proposal seriously, he said. He added that the President told them he was “unpleasantly surprised to find that there were no talks between the parties”.

Consultations with the AUR will begin at 4 p.m. George Simion said the AUR should propose “an independent prime minister who respects the interests of the Romanian nation and who will make the transition to early elections”. We want to get there. (…) We have had talks with other political parties, he added, there is no majority in Parliament. But AUR wants to contribute to stability and concrete solutions. We want an independent Prime Minister, like Călin Georgescu, we expect other parties to come up with names we agree with. A solution and a profile of an independent Prime Minister, beyond any doubt, he stressed.

He added, “We are telling President Iohannis that this delay cannot be extended. (…) Today, Klaus Iohannis should give the mandate (…) If he continues with the name we hear in the corridors, if he puts a straw that Parliament will reject, then come and nominate Florin Cîțu as Prime Minister (…) We do not we accept this! At that point AUR will begin the procedures for suspending the President. We lost a week for nothing anyway! From Tuesday, when we sent Florin Cîțu home, until Monday, what were we waiting for? For the President to play golf? Go to Sibiu and come back? We do not understand why the country lost a week! “Every attraction will be interpreted by us, and I’m sure not just by us, as an attempt to keep Florin Cițu in the palace of Prime Minister Palatul Victoria,” added George Simion./ ibna

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