Romania: Consultations have begun on forming a new government

President Klaus Iohannis is currently meeting with the PNL delegation and will then take over those of the PSD, USR, AUR and UDMR parties. At 17.00 he will consult with the representatives of national minorities represented in Parliament.

At the end of the consultations, in theory, the Romanian head of state could announce the name of a new prime minister. But most likely, according to analysts, there will be a second round of consultations and this first discussion with the parties will have a very exploratory role, without reaching any conclusion. It is also considered possible by analysts that Mr. Iohannis will give the parties time to reflect until the new round of consultations.

Liberals have radically changed their stance by declaring that they will enter into discussions without a nominee for prime minister. But they will announce the name of the proposed Prime Minister (Florin CItu) as soon as a majority is formed around them.

The PSD does not want to take power at this time and therefore insists on the idea of ​​early elections. First, he is aware of how difficult it is to call them and second, if they were called anyway, he would easily win the competition.

USR wants to govern with PNL but without Florin Citu as Prime Minister. Its leaders have announced that they will wait for the PNL to nominate a Prime Minister first and then for the party to announce its candidate. It was recently announced that the party’s National Bureau voted unanimously to nominate Dacian Ciolos for the post of Prime Minister.

UDMR wants to continue the alliance with PNL and USR. If this is not possible, then a minority government with PNL. It does not exclude other partnerships, but none involving AUR.

AUR will go to Cotroceni only for image reasons, as neither party wants to work with him. The party is considered extremist in both Romania and Europe. Its executives are expected to make the most of this event in terms of communication.,

The leader of the PSD Parliamentary Group in Parliament, Alfred Simonis, told Digi24 last night that the PSD wanted the PNL and USR to “disagree” and that is why it delayed filing the impeachment motion. “Let me tell you honestly: our goal was not for Ciu to be or not to be the president of the PNL, our main goal was for the USR and the PNL to disagree and not to destroy Romania (…),” Simonis said. .

Simonis said his party is ready to take over the government, but only after the election.

In the morning, PSD President Marcel Ciolacu said “if we have a majority, we are back in government” and reiterated that he would not support a PNL minority government.

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