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Croatia has support from Slovenia to join Schengen and the Eurozone

Croatian and Slovenian Prime Ministers Andrej Plenković and Janez Janša confirmed today at the “Tourism 365” conference in Tuheljske Toplice the very good relations between the two countries and the belief that Croatia’s entry into the eurozone will improve economic co-operation between Croatia and Slovenia.

The first year-round tourism conference, Tourism 365, has become one of the most important annual gatherings of tourism professionals in Croatia, and this year we are organizing it for the fifth time. The conference brings analysis, discussions, initiatives and plans for tourism after COVID, smart and sustainable business and new technologies and a new future for tourism.

Croatian Prime Minister Plenković noted that “it is normal” for relations with Slovenia to be good and close. He assessed that a smart policy has been pursued over the last five years, which respects the interests of both countries.

“We are trying to resolve outstanding issues in these ways, which will not lead to any disturbance in business relations and the arrival of many Slovenian citizens in Croatia,” the Croatian prime minister said.

“Slovenians have their houses, their houses, their boats here. They love Croatia; they spend time here. Our people love Slovenia, they ski and travel there. We need to nurture and cultivate it. This is the meaning of smart politics, “Plenkovi tha said.

He also said he was optimistic, with Slovenia ‘s support, about Croatia’ s path to Schengen and the Eurozone. “Slovenia is one of Croatia ‘s most important trading partners and has all the preconditions for co – operation to be even better,” Plenkovi tha said.

Slovenian Prime Minister Janša believes that co-operation between the two countries will be better than before because all preconditions exist. Janša is of the opinion that Croatia’s entry into the Eurozone will contribute to even better economic co-operation.

Speaking of tourism, Plenković said the figures show that epidemiological measures were “very well regulated”.

“We did not have any major protests. What can not be done in Croatia today? There are no big rallies and nightclubs. We tried to balance everything, we tried to include everything with as little damage as possible,” he said. said Plenković.

Slovenia, on the other hand, had “tougher” measures, and Janša said it was in a different situation because, when the corona crisis emerged, the government was just being formed.

More than one million Slovenian tourists were in Croatia this year and about 250,000 Croats in Slovenia.

Following the conference, Plenković and Janša held a bilateral meeting to discuss bilateral relations, the European situation and the situation in the neighborhood in the context of the recent EU-Western Balkans Summit in Slovenia.

Plenković assessed the meeting as very good and congratulated his colleague Janša for organizing it on this occasion as well.

“We can be very pleased with the strong message for our neighboring countries and the desire to continue the process of enlargement of the European Union, which is in the interest of Croatia and Slovenia,” he said.

Prime Minister Janša voiced support for Croatia’s entry into the Schengen area and the Eurozone as soon as possible.

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