Slovenia: Police arrest three people after riots in Ljubljana

Slovenian police arrested three people who took part in the riots on Tuesday on suspicion of a crime against public order. Among others, Zoran Stevanović, the leader of the political party and one of the initiators of the protests against the government measures against Covid, was arrested in the evening, around 21:00. Earlier, police also detained rapper Zlatko, who called for a march through Ljubljana.

Police are continuing to gather information, and are dealing with several crimes. Among other things, protesters damaged police service vehicles.

Two people needed medical help due to inhaling gas or tear gas, and six police officers were slightly injured.

About 3,000 people, according to police, took part in yesterday’s protest, which after the initial rally in Republic Square (Republic Square) was relocated back to the streets of Ljubljana. Several police units participated, as well as a special unit, cavalry and air police units.

The protest again was not reported, and after less than two hours, despite warnings, participants left Republic Square and took to the streets. Therefore, the police urged the participants to disperse the rally for security reasons, but the crowd did not listen to the calls.

According to the report, the protesters continued to violate public order in a serious and massive manner, including throwing various objects at police officers and vehicles. While the protesters did not disperse despite the orders, police used a water cannon and tear gas in Slovenska cesta. As N1 TV reported yesterday, police used as much tear gas as ever in Ljubljana.

The protesters then returned to Republic Square, then marched towards Tržaška cesta and beyond Tivol towards Celovška cesta. “The safety of the railway overpass was also endangered and traffic was stopped to ensure safety,” police said in a protest report.

Around 19:30, small groups were stopped in the center, violating public order, and various objects were thrown at police officers, among others. According to police, they managed to restore public order shortly before 9pm, at which point they dispersed the crowd.

Today, Ljubljana hosts the EU-Western Balkans summit, and police ordered limited movement in some areas of the capital. But it is still possible for protesters to use the presence of top European officials to gather again and express their dissatisfaction with the anti-Covid measures.

Source: N1

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