Romania: The PNL landscape is cleared on Saturday

The PNL Congress will be held on Saturday, in Bucharest, at the premises of Romexpo, with the participation of delegates from all over Romania. The party’s next president will be elected, an office that is being claimed by the current president, Ludovic Orban, and the prime minister, Florin Ciu. The other members of the central leadership, namely the Executive Bureau (UN), will be elected on Sunday.

So far, during the campaign within the party, more than 30 heads of organizations have announced their support for Florin Cîţu. These organizations will send more than 3,000 delegates to the congress, but it is not certain that all of them will attend the election of the leader of the organization.

On the other hand, 12 heads of organizations that will send about 1,000 delegates have come out in favor of Ludovic Orban. It is also worth noting that some presidents of organizations, including “heavyweights” such as Ilie Bolojan and Dan Motreanu, have not announced which of the two candidates they support.

It should also be noted that when county organizations voted on candidates’ political proposals – which, according to statutes, must be approved by at least ten organizations to be considered official candidates – both candidates “counted the votes”, with Prime Minister Kampi of ministers estimates that Citu will get about 3,000 votes out of a total of 5,000 in congress.

On Sunday, after the convention where the president of PNL will be elected, polls will be held to elect the members of the Executive Bureau, BEH. The BEC will consist of the Secretary General, four First Vice-Presidents and 24 Vice-Presidents.ibna

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