Djukanovic: Russia is trying to make Montenegro a Trojan horse in NATO and EU when it achieves membership

The Montenegrin government did not heed the recommendation of its Western partners, who urged it to continue and commit to the agenda – following the political changes in Montenegro. This is the position of Montenegrin President Milo Djukanov.

Djukanovic, who represents Montenegro at the UN General Assembly session in New York, noted in an interview with VOA that in that sense, over the past year, there has been no a millimeter shift, after he put it.

“As you can see, this is not possible. You know that the three partners in the new ruling majority alliance signed an agreement a day after the parliamentary elections, pledging to follow the strategic course of the country’s movement. But with that formality, of course, it was necessary to show over the past year the real determination to continue adopting the European system of values ​​and creating the assumption that Montenegro would soon actually be an organic part of civilization. modern european. Therefore, it is a responsible part of Euro-Atlantic integration “- stressed President Đukanović, recalling that all negotiating chapters in the process of Montenegro’s accession to the European Union were opened before the political changes of last year.

“Not even a step and a half has been taken. Half the step that is now expected is for the new government to meet the preconditions in Chapters 23 and 24 regarding the rule of law, for the European Union to declare that we have met the provisional criteria given to us, and to begin the process of closing the chapters of open. To date, this has not happened. Therefore, there is not even a minimal displacement. “What happened, unfortunately, were mainly incidents within our Government’s responsibility for functioning in the NATO alliance,” Đukanovi tha said.

The President recalled the case of information leaks of some of the NATO member countries.

“Very confidential information, including the names and surnames of members of other countries’ security services, our NATO partners, has been made public and this is considered a truly unacceptable omission,” said the Montenegrin president, who claims that in that case undermined the government’s credibility as a credible partner for the North Atlantic Alliance.

He confirmed the view that “Russia intends to make Montenegro a kind of Trojan horse in NATO and the European Union when it becomes a member”, and added that it would be pretentious to believe that Russia is driven by an exclusive interest in the future of Montenegro. Zi.

“I believe it would be just as pretentious to believe that Russia is so fatal to the future of the Western Balkans. I think Russia is facing its conflict with the West, within that conflict I think its target is Europe, because as a target it is more grateful than the United States, thanks to the complexity of the European system and the differences that exist between EU member states – of.

Today, Russia is waging its political war with Europe in every part of the European continent where it is given a chance. It can be assumed that the Western Balkans is very suitable as a chance to pursue a destructive policy towards European unity and the European system of values, for various reasons. So these are still unconsolidated states, these are states whose population has a lot of traditional pro-Russian sentiment.

That is why we are grateful to the terrain. I think Russia is actually trying to obstruct the European and Euro-Atlantic perspective of the member states in the Western Balkans. He has been the initiator of the Russian destruction towards Montenegro since 2016 when he was at the door of NATO. We resisted that destruction, Montenegro joined NATO, but that does not mean that the Russian destruction stopped because of that. On the contrary, I would say that we are now witnessing an even more furious offensive by Russia towards Montenegro and the Western Balkans with the idea that by punishing Montenegro, in some way, it will drive away all other countries. our region from NATO membership and European Union membership. Will Russia succeed in this – I hope not. If I have to tell you what Montenegro’s determination is to preserve its right to free choice of the future and to preserve its right to the already chosen course of European and Euro-Atlantic integration, I will to tell you that it is steadfast, “Đukanović Me said

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