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Serbia: Vucic sets conditions for resumption of dialogue with Kosovo

According to media reports in Serbia, official Belgrade has four requirements that must be met to resume dialogue in Brussels with Kosovo.

Novosti reports that the positions of Serbian President Aleksandar Vuiqi., According to the media, derive from the agreements reached in Brussels.

The first request is to form the Union of Serbian Municipalities, the second is for Kosovo not to send police forces to the north without the permission of KFOR and the approval of the Serbian association, the third is to establish two Serbian energy distribution companies for Serbs. in the north, and the fourth is that trials in cases in the north be in a 2: 1 ratio of judges in favor of Serbs.

On Monday, the Kosovo government imposed a reciprocity measure, based on the Brussels agreements, on license plates. From now on, cars with Serbian license plates when entering Kosovo must obtain temporary RKS registration plates at each border crossing point. The move prompted Serbs in the north to block roads leading to two border crossings, Jarinje and Brnjak.ibna

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