Serbia: National Security Council convenes

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic chaired a meeting of the National Security Council, after which he said that Serbia demands the withdrawal of all troops that occupied northern Kosovo and Metohija, as well as an urgent response from the European Union to the question of the existence of the Agreement. Brussels.

“Today, the National Security Council took several decisions, conclusions, conclusions, proposals and recommendations. First of all, in accordance with the task of the National Security Council to always review the state of defense capabilities of the Republic of Serbia, we have analyzed the situation and the situation in the Serbian Army, the Ministry of Interior and the Serbian Police, we have seen what is needed in the future, let us do it to strengthen our capabilities in order to act even more dynamically in the direction of deterring any possible aggressor in our country or even more intensively in terms of preventing any threat of a possible terrorist act.

We talked about technical things we need to improve. I am very pleased with the state of combat readiness as well as the morale and motivation of the people to always improve our skills. “We expect more important equipment for our army and police in the coming period, which was agreed upon a long time ago,” said President Vucic, adding that the situation in Kosovo and Metohija was discussed, especially after the criminal action of the regime. Pristina and the occupation of the north with armored personnel carriers and explosive water vehicles.

“We analyzed the situation and reached conclusions. Serbia will continue to insist on maintaining full peace, stability and security, as well as the full security of the Serb people in Kosovo and Metohija. We consider the inappropriate statements in which Belgrade and “Pristina is equal and the responsibility passes to both sides.” Serbia is always ready to continue the dialogue in Brussels, but will not accept solutions imposed by unilateral criminal actions, “said President Vučić, adding that the National Security Council is seeking An immediate response from the European Union to the question of whether or not the Brussels Agreement exists in legal transactions, as well as when the Union of Serbian Municipalities (ZSO), which is the core of the agreement, will be formed, he said. with the ambassadors of the Quint countries on what a “so-called compromise solution” should look like.

“I rejected this solution because it is not a compromise, but a solution that would humiliate Serbia. It is a solution in which they would forget 70 percent of the goals of the Albanians in the administrative line, but would introduce 20 to 30 percent of other measures. I got the consent of the National Security Council. I rejected it because I was fed up with the politics of the final act. You can not talk like that with Serbia, “said President Vucic, emphasizing that the withdrawal of all troops from northern Kosovo and Metohija is the only solution.

“Go back to the previous situation and then we go to Brussels to talk about everything,” said President Vucic, adding that Serbia is always ready to talk. He also said that Serbia is calling on the European Union, Great Britain and the United States to influence Pristina to overturn the illegal decision against Ivan Todosjevic.

“We consider it the other possible reason for the great crisis, perhaps the biggest so far,” said President Vučić, explaining that the verdict directly violates the Brussels Agreement because there should have been two Serbs and one Albanian on the panel, but there there was never such a panel as it was not even formed.

“Either Pristina will revoke this verdict, or we understood well that Pristina has support for the migration of Serbs and Serb families and we will react differently and accordingly,” said President Vucic. He announced that in the coming days possible additional measures will be taken, which Serbia will implement in order to protect the people and its sovereignty.

“We want to show good will and give time to some people in Pristina to change their bad decisions. If they do not want to, we will take measures to protect the interests of the Republic of Serbia, and I have informed Quint members and EU representatives, “said President Vuçiç, reiterating that we will not accept an integrated policy.

Lajcak calls for lowering tensions.

The EU Special Representative for the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, Miroslav Lajcak, said he was concerned about the situation in northern Kosovo and Metohija and called for an immediate easing of tensions.

“Importers it is important to reduce tensions, restore a peaceful atmosphere and allow freedom of movement,” Lajcak said on his Twitter account.

Lajcak, who is visiting Belgrade, stressed that he discussed the situation in northern Kosovo and Metohija with EU ambassadors. “/ibna

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