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Croatia: PM Plenković Meets High Representative in BiH Kristian Schmidt

The Prime Minister of Croatia, Andrej Plenkovi,, received today in Banski the High Representative in BiH, Christian Schmidt, announced the Government of Croatia.

High Representative Schmidt and Prime Minister Plenković exchanged views on current political trends and developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkans, with an emphasis on Euro-Atlantic integration, the path of reform and BiH economic and social development. Plenković congratulated Schmidt on taking office as High Representative and expressed his support for his work.

They also discussed the process of amending the Electoral Law in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which requires reaching a consensus of all political participants as soon as possible.

Prime Minister Plenkovi bëri called for changes to the Electoral Law in order to ensure equality and legitimate representation of the three constituent peoples in BiH, especially the Croats.

High Representative Schmidt stressed the need to strengthen the functionality of institutions by increasing the involvement of all political actors in BiH, with the support of the international community. Functionality, he stressed, is a mandatory precondition for BiH to move out of the phase of international supervision and progress on the road to the European Union.

Plenković said that at EU level, Croatia is the strongest advocate of continuing BiH’s European path.

Schmidt thanked Plenković for Croatia’s commitment and support to Bosnia and Herzegovina and other neighboring countries’ aspirations to join the EU.

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