Slovenia received the first payment from the Recovery and Sustainability Fund

Under a financial contract for the implementation of the Recovery and Sustainability Fund, Slovenia today received an advance of 13% of the grant provided by the Recovery and Sustainability Plan, which amounts to 231 million euros. The first funds from the plan will be provided for the areas of sustainable mobility and digital transformation, the government announced.

In April, the government adopted a National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which is the basis for using the funds available from the Fund. Mechanism is the most financially comprehensive mechanism under the European Recovery and Sustainability Package of the next European Generation, within which Slovenia will also have access to the React-EU initiative, the Fair Transition Fund and Rural Development.

Slovenia will receive a grant of almost 1.8 billion euros. These funds are intended to strengthen the recovery from the Covid-19 crisis and to encourage investment in the green and digital transition in the Member States.

Each member state is entitled to a certain amount of the grant in advance. Today, Slovenia received an advance payment of 13% of the grant and can use the funds for those reforms and investments that are the first to be implemented within the plan.

“I am glad that after the signing of the contract, we also received the first funds from the recovery and resilience mechanism. I announced this in July and the expectations have been met. This is an important achievement for Slovenia and a big step forward in achieving of the set goals, “said Slovenian Finance Minister Andrej Šircelj.

At the national level, Slovenia has identified areas of development that will contribute to mitigating the negative economic and social effects of the Covid-19 epidemic and prepare the country for the challenges posed by the green and digital transition.

The focus of Slovenia’s plan is on green (Slovenia has committed 43.45% to green goals) and digital content (Slovenia is committed to more than 20% on digital goals) and on reforms and investments in four pillars:

– Green transition (552 million euro grants available),

– Digital transformation (317 million euro grants available),

– Smart, sustainable and comprehensive growth (664 million euro grants available); AND

– Health and social security (245 million euro grant).

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