Romania: Political crisis continues

The President of the Senate, Anca Dragu, addressed the Constitutional Court, claiming that the Prime Minister Florin Cîțu has violated the provisions regarding the obligation to obtain the consent of the Parliament in case of a reshuffle of the government after a change in the political composition of the Government. In addition, he demands that the Prime Minister be obliged to propose the names of the ministers and submit them to Parliament so that he can decide on the new political composition of the Government.

PNL President Ludovic Orban said that at the moment the key to unlocking the political crisis is in the hands of the country’s President, Klaus Iohannis.

“This crisis could end immediately. After a 15-minute discussion in Cotroceni,” he said, to be attacked by only part of the press, who commented that Orban was obviously speaking from experience. The press recalls that when the PNL lost the December 6 parliamentary elections, after a 15-minute debate in the office of Klaus Iohannis, Orban resigned as prime minister.

Answering a question about the possibility of resignation, Prime Minister Florin Cițu categorically ruled out such a possibility.

“Never! I am not irresponsible, to leave Romania in winter without government, with the fourth wave, with (increased) energy prices, followed by the debate on the minimum wage, next year’s budget. “I see that some colleagues are following the Dragnea method, but not me,” said Ciu.ibna

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