Kosovo: Salih Mustafa’s war crimes trial begins in The Hague

The trial of the former commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army, Salih Mustafa, begins today. The trial is the first by the Special Chambers of the Hague Tribunal.

The session is expected to start at 09:30 (local time) and is expected to last until 17:30, according to the published calendar of the Specialized Chambers.

The indictment against Salih Mustafa was confirmed on June 12, 2020, while his arrest took place on September 24. Mustafa denied the charges against him.

“The confirmed indictment states that from 1 April 1999 to 19 April 1999, in a detention camp in Zllash, Kosovo, crimes of arbitrary detention, cruel treatment and torture were committed against at least six persons. The indictment also states that on or about the dates between 19 April 1999, or around that date, and around the end of April 1999, a prisoner was killed in that camp, “the Special Court had announced.

In the confirmed indictment, Mustafa is charged with various forms of criminal liability for arbitrary detention, cruel treatment, torture and unlawful murder as war crimes committed in context or in connection with the non-international armed conflict in Kosovo.

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