Merkel: I welcome the “Open Balkans” initiative and invite other countries to join

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has backed the Open Balkans initiative, describing it as a partnership that strengthens the Berlin Process he launched.

“Dear Edi Rama, I would like to thank you for your role as Prime Minister that in the first part of the day we were able to hold a bilateral meeting. Relations with Albania are very good, we can expand our cooperation. “I would like to congratulate Albania on its efforts in recent years to rebuild its judicial system,” the German chancellor told a joint news conference with the Albanian prime minister.

“In the context of lunch with all the heads of government of the Western Balkans, I was pleased that for the idea of ​​2014, co-operation proved strong,” Merkel continued.

“Many things have changed between countries and peoples. Heads of government meet regularly and regularly with each other, which was not the case. All cooperation in certain dimensions is being consolidated. We talked about infrastructure projects. We talked about starting work on the peace highway. Another issue was that once countries in the region join the EU, they will also have climate obligations, conditions that had to change in the region.

There are many opportunities for regional cooperation. I support the regional common market project, 4 agreements. Some countries have not yet joined, today we have agreed that the more we cooperate in this framework the stronger the Berlin process will be. “This process is not a substitute for EU membership,” Angela Merkel concluded.

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