Albania: Chancellor Merkel today in Tirana, the agenda of the meetings

The Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Angela Merkel, will pay an official visit to Tirana today.

According to the agenda published by the press office of the Prime Minister, a reception ceremony will be held at 10:20 in the Palace of Brigades.

At 10:30, a private meeting between Prime Minister Edi Rama and Chancellor Angela Merkel will be held at the Palace of Brigades.

Then, at 11:00, a bilateral meeting between the two delegations will take place at the Palace of Brigades.

The arrival of the Prime Minister and the heads of the Balkan governments in the Business Park in Tirana is scheduled for 11:50, while the arrival of Chancellor Merkel in the Business Park in Tirana will take place at 11:55.

At 12:00 there will be a Family Photo with the Heads of Delegations in Tirana Business Park.

At 14:35, Prime Minister Rama and Chancellor Merkel will hold a press conference at the Business Park in Tirana.

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