Turkey: Istanbul Stock Exchange chief elected to World Exchanges board

Istanbul Stock Exchange CEO Korkmaz Ergun has been elected to the board of the prestigious World Exchanges Federation (WFE), the Turkish Stock Exchange announced on Friday.

“As a member of the WFE since 1992, the Istanbul Stock Exchange has made great strides in strengthening its international visibility while having a say in the management of the Federation, with the election of CEO Korkmaz Ergun as a member of the Board of Directors at the General Assembly.” this Thursday, said a statement from the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

Other board members are exchanges from the US (Nasdaq, Chicago Commodity Exchange, Chicago Options Exchange), Singapore, Switzerland, Brazil, Bermuda, Hong Kong, India, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Africa of the South, and China.

Commenting on the election, Ergun said: “We will strengthen our channels of communication with international investors through new initiatives.”

Ergun stressed that the Turkish Stock Exchange aims to provide international investors with accurate information, indicating that they can get support from the Istanbul Stock Exchange when needed, and engage in constructive long-term dialogue to resolve issues and encourage investment. further.

“Our membership on the Board of the World Exchanges Federation, together with seventeen major exchanges from all continents, will serve as a bridge to contribute to solving the industry ‘s global problems, connecting with international counterparts and promote our international visibility, “he added.ibna

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