Serbia: Vucic, Patriarch Porfirje Agree to Build Memorial Center in Donja Gradina

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that Serbia will do everything to ensure that the victims of Jasenovac are not forgotten, after an agreement was reached today in talks with Patriarch Porfirje for the construction of a memorial center in Donja Gradina, which will remember all crimes against the Serbian people.

“The Pan-Serbian shrine will be built in the saddest place, in Donja Gradina. Serbia and the Serbian people remember. Serbia is not ashamed of its victims. “They are our heroes and we will do our best so that their heroic action is not forgotten,” Vučić wrote on his Instagram profile.

The post also published a video of a part of Vucic’s presentation in which he says he talked to the patriarch about “how to strengthen the culture of memory”.

“We talked about how to do everything to ensure that the victims of Jasenovac are not forgotten, what is it that the state can help the Serbian church, which has an extremely important role in this whole process. What is important for us, today we finally reached an agreement and I convey to you the confirmation and confirmation of Mr. Dodik to start the construction of what should have been a pan-Serbian shrine to build a large memorial center in the part “Sad Donna Gradina in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, but in which we will remember all the other crimes committed against our people, in order to remember that the Serbian name and surname will not be erased,” said Vucic .

Vucic met with the patriarch on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the Jasenovac concentration system and death camp and the renovation of the Jasenovac monastery monument complex.

Camp Jasenovac was the largest concentration and death camp in the occupied Kingdom of Yugoslavia during World War II.

It was established by the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) in August 1941.

The camp was destroyed by the Ustase (Croatian Revolutionary Movement) in April 1945 to hide traces of the crimes committed.

The Croatian state administration called the place of torture and killing of Serbs, Jews and Roma “labor camp in Jasenovac”.

The exact number of victims in the Jasenovac camp systems has never been determined.

Since 2012, the Jasenovac Park Memorial has compiled a list of approximately 83,000 victims, while the Museum of the Victims of Genocide has compiled a list of approximately 88,000 victims.

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