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Northern Macedonia: Zaev, Bytyqi and Besimi meet with World Bank delegation

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Northern Macedonia Zoran Zaev, together with the Vice President for Economy, Coordination of Economic and Investment Departments Fatmir Bytyqi and the Minister of Finance Fatmir Besimi, received today a World Bank delegation represented by the Director General for the Balkans, Linda Van Gelder and the bank’s director for Northern Macedonia and Kosovo, Massimiliano Paolucci.

At the meeting, Prime Minister Zaev stressed the fruitful cooperation with the World Bank in a wide range of areas of key importance for Northern Macedonia in recent years in the reform and modernization of all sectors of the country’s economy.

It was emphasized at the meeting that according to the strategy for cooperation of the Republic of Northern Macedonia with the World Bank, the support of this international institution focuses on projects and capacity development opportunities, especially for the most vulnerable categories, municipal service improvement projects, infrastructure projects. to improve road and rail infrastructure, promote social services, promote primary education, energy efficiency projects and more.

One of the main topics of today’s meeting was the cooperation to strengthen the public health system in the post-Covid period, as well as the support of the World Bank in providing an integrated public financial management system.

In this regard, Prime Minister Zaev stressed at the meeting that cooperation with the World Bank and close cooperation in the future will focus on the digitalization process as one of the systemic measures to fight corruption, along with support programs to combat it. παραοικονομίας./ ibna

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