Bulgaria: Registration has started and will last until October 3rd

Registration in the Republic of Bulgaria started at midnight and will last until October 3. The first ten days will be done online by the taxpayers themselves, and then in the classic way, where 27,000 registrars will visit the homes of those who did not fill out the online form. This will happen in the period from September 18 to October 3. For this purpose, a special medical protocol of visits has been prepared, which will take place from 8 am to 8 pm.

The questions that citizens have to answer are 70, but they are completed quickly and easily, provides the National Statistical Service – NSS and hopes for active participation in the electronic phase of the census. In the previous census in Bulgaria – 10 years ago, 42% of citizens participated online.

Everyone who is in Bulgaria or usually lives here, whether Bulgarians or foreigners, is subject to an inventory, explained Diana Jancheva, NSS Vice President. This includes asylum seekers and those who have received it under the Asylum and Refugee Act.

As for Bulgarian citizens who have been outside Bulgaria since September 7, those who are temporarily absent from the country for less than a year will be counted. Bulgarians living abroad will be registered in the countries in which they reside.

With the exception of the population, the census will record all buildings and dwellings in them.

The first registration took place on January 1, 1881, in the Principality of Bulgaria, while the last one took place in 2011 as an EU member state. In 2011, the first electronic registration was done in the country. According to the data, the population was 7,364,570, with 42% registered electronically.ibna

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