Cyprus: The first Cyprus-Egypt Summit was held in Cairo

The President of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades met with his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah Al Sisi in Cairo on Sunday for the first Cyprus-Egypt Intergovernmental Summit.

At the press conference held after the first intergovernmental meeting, the Egyptian President expressed Egypt’s strong support for Nicosia on the Cyprus issue.

Sisi defended respect for international law on the Cyprus issue, spoke of the need not to interfere in the internal affairs of other states, and expressed his country’s strong support for Cyprus in the Cyprus issue.

He hailed the Cypriot President and all the ministers who accompanied him “in their second country Egypt”, as he said, emphasizing the great potential of the two friendly countries to achieve their common interests as a model of cooperation at the regional level.

The two Presidents expressed their readiness for further close cooperation between the two countries in all areas.

President Anastasiades described “yesterday’s Intergovernmental Summit as historic, as it is the first to be held between the two countries, confirming not only the perfection of our relations, but also the common will to significantly strengthen the already rich contractual framework of cooperation in one of on the other hand, and to further improve and strengthen our political-economic ties on the other hand ”.

He noted that “during the Summit, as well as during the bilateral contacts between the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Defense, Energy, Agriculture, Agriculture, Education and the Deputy Minister of Maritime Affairs, we had the opportunity to review the already close cooperation between the two countries and to develop ideas and views for its expansion into new areas.

President Anastasiades described co-operation with Egypt as “strategic”.

In a post from Cairo, the President said: “With the President during the Summit and the bilateral contacts between the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Energy, Defense, Agriculture, Education and Maritime Affairs, we had the opportunity to develop ideas and views for expanding our cooperation in the fields of “There was mutual support for the establishment of the # G2G Summit to examine the implementation of sectoral partnerships based on the roadmap we have set and our broader cooperation, which is now seen as strategic.”

As reported by the Presidency page on Twitter, the two countries agreed on the following:

Negotiations for the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in the fields of Higher Education and Research and the Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Qualifications, aimed at strengthening cooperation between academic institutions and increasing student exchange.

Under the Cyprus-Egypt Agreement in the field of electricity and renewable energy sources, it was agreed to exchange knowledge, especially on the use of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems, as well as the production of green hydrogen.

In the field of trade, it was agreed to establish business forums to strengthen links between chambers of commerce, in order to increase trade in services and goods, especially pharmaceuticals and aquaculture products./ ibna

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