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BiH: High Representative Notes Insufficient Representation of Croats in State Institutions

At the conference in Germany, the new High Representative for BiH, Christian Schmidt, noted the insufficient representation of Croats in central institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and stressed the need to change the country’s election law.

“Mr. (Željko) Komšić is the Croatian representative in the State Presidency, but he was elected more by Bosniaks than Croats. “How complex the system is is shown by the fact that the Croatian representative (Dragan) Čović lost in the confrontation with Komšić”, said Schmidt at the rally entitled “Euro-Atlantic Perspectives of Bosnia and Herzegovina” organized by the German-Atlantic Society.

He said the Croatian part of the population, which, as he noted, was further reduced by emigration, feels adequately represented in “complicated state structures”.

Schmidt, who took over as High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina (OHR) in early August, also noted the need to change the election law.

“Croats should be given the opportunity to feel represented and not end up, say, with a form of election boycott,” Schmidt said, referring to the October 2022 general election.

“Now the question arises as to how to organize the right to vote so that the state is not divided into three entities. If this were to happen, the territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina would be called into question,” Schmidt said.

As reported by BHRT, Schmidt also noted that the Croatian part of the population of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been hit hardest by strong immigration.

“Unfortunately, we have to conclude that the share of Croats from 15 to 17 percent in the population of Bosnia and Herzegovina has not been true for a long time,” Schmidt said.

Bundestag President Wolfgang Schaeuble also attended the rally in Neustadt an der Aich, Bavaria, where Christian Schmidt constituency is located.

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