Airbus will introduce new aircraft to Croatia Airlines

Airbus will introduce and introduce its narrow-body A220 aircraft to Croatia Airlines in Zagreb on Tuesday next week. It comes as the new post-Covid carrier strategy, which is awaiting approval from the government, outlines plans to renew the airline fleet. The A220 is being seen as a potential replacement for older Airbus aircraft carriers. Next week’s presentation will include a short demonstration flight around the Croatian capital. The A220 comes in two variants, with the A220-100 having the ability to seat between 100 and 135 passengers, while the A220-300 can transport between 120 and 160 passengers, depending on the cabin layout.

Croatia Airlines is in the process of negotiating the cancellation of its order for four A320neo aircraft with the European aircraft manufacturer. The first two planes would initially arrive in Zagreb next year, and the other two in 2023. Talks with Airbus regarding their cancellation were suspended last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, at the time, Croatia Airlines said, “Negotiations on the Termination Agreement, which will result in the cancellation of the A320neo order and the use of the deposit for other Airbus services are currently pending due to Covid-19 and will resume as soon as possible. ”The airline is believed to have deposited over eight million euros for the aircraft, which it now intends to use in other Airbus products.

The current average age of the Croatia Airlines fleet is sixteen and a half years. The A320s are currently the oldest, averaging 21.7 years, followed by the A319 at 19.8 years and the Dash 8 at 12.1 years. Of the 258 carriers operating the A320, Croatia Airlines ranks 229th in terms of aircraft age, while of the 122 A319 operators, the Croatian carrier ranks 111st in the world. Among the airlines using Dash 8, Croatia Airlines has one of the newest fleets of its kind in the world, ranking 30th globally. Ahead of Covid-19, Croatia Airlines approved a five-year business development plan (2020-2025), which envisioned renewing its fleet of mid-range A319 and A320 aircraft.


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