Romania: Government crisis continues

The open war that is taking place within the ruling coalition in Romania continues for the third day. Neither side, neither USR-PLUS nor Prime Minister Florin Citu and his associates in the PNL, seem willing to take a step back. Dan Barna included AUR in the plan of the attack and would not say ‘no’ to a PSD participation, the media emphasize.

Florin Citu, after the signing of President Klaus Iohannis, in the decree of expulsion of Stelian Ion from the government, solved the problem in the Ministry of Justice and scheduled for today a government meeting to approve the program “Anghel Saligny”, worth 50 billion lei (10 billion) for local government projects. Following this meeting, in which USR-PLUS leaders will not attend, a crucial meeting of the ruling coalition has been scheduled, requested by Dan Barna.

In it, USR-PLUS intends to formally demand the resignation of the Prime Minister, which would be, according to Barna, the “elegant way” to resolve the crisis. Otherwise, the censorship motion will be presented, which the party discussed with AUR, which, in case of refusal, will be accompanied by the resignations of USR-PLUS ministers.

Marcel Ciolacu announced that he would not sign the proposal of the two parties, but left open the possibility to help get rid of Cițu: PSD will vote, he said, the censorship motion of USR -PLUS -AUR, if presented with the Accusations that he changed his mind about AUR, which he had characterized in April as an extremist party with which he would never cooperate, Barna replied yesterday, on TV (Digi24) that he had not negotiated with AUR, there were only talks, he said , because at the same time the two parties have a common goal to overthrow the Prime Minister and there is nothing illegal in it. He added that there is also the option of moving the PSD to censorship. Dan Barna explained that he did not want to leave the government because, as he put it, “it is not worth it”. He swallowed “a frog,” he said, when Vlad Voiculescu reformed and would not do it again, he added. “When there are only frogs on the menu, you change the chef,” he said. In fact, he finds a “chef” of his choice at PNL, Ilie Bolojan.

The threats of – until Wednesday – his collaborators in the government, have so far left indifferent Florin Cîțu, who still shows his fist. His associates convened a PNL meeting yesterday without the participation of Ludovic Orban, during which Citu received unanimous support for his actions. Florin Cîțu did not explain to his colleagues how he intends to get out of the stalemate caused by the expulsion of Stelian Joni from the Ministry of Justice. The only one who caught his attention was Ilie Bolojan, from Oradea, who asked him what the next steps would be and warned him that his actions were opposed by the citizens.

The Prime Minister responded by convening a meeting of the PNL at noon, in the presence of Ludovic Orban, before the government meeting at 16.00, in order to approve the “Anghel Saligny” development program. Ludovic Orban said in a Facebook post that he had put the “Anghel Saligny” program on the agenda of talks with USR-PLUS and UDMR, and that he was the only one who could pull the ruling coalition out of the stalemate. In other words, Orban says it is a “political maneuver” by Cițu that aims to take mayors with it before the party congress and warns that the move could dismantle the ruling coalition and jeopardize it. also the implementation of the program.

Meanwhile, incumbent Justice Minister Lucian Bode has addressed the issue in his ministry, promising a positive outlook. To that end, he replaced Stelian Ion, the person in charge of opinions, who was appointed in early April and reinstated the person Ion had ousted. Bode, in his statements, clarified that the draft of the Government Emergency Decree does not have an opinion from the Ministry of Transport, but because the legal deadline has passed, it is considered to have tacit acceptance. in an exclusive article cites evidence that the original document for this program arrived from the Ministry of Development to the Ministry of Justice after the expulsion of Stelian Ion (who therefore rightly claimed that the original text had not been sent to him). Yesterday, moreover, Lucian Bode announced that he is interrupting the tender process initiated by Stelian Ion for the appointment of prosecutors at the head of DIICOT, DNA and the Attorney General.

The future of the government will be decided at the crucial meeting of the PNL-USR-PLUS-UDMR coalition, which will be attended by the leaders of the three parties. Without USR-PLUS, the PNL-UDMR coalition – ethnic minority parties – has no majority in Parliament and the PSD has stated it will not support a minority government.

Dacian Ciolos, in a morning post on Fb, said: “I know the PNL does not think we will go all the way. They have underestimated us and will suffer the consequences if they think they can redeem us with certain positions. “The USR-PLUS censorship movement exists and is moving forward. We wrote it and it is a consequence of Mr. Cițu’s deeply irresponsible behavior. “The current prime minister plunged the country into a political crisis to gain points in the party ‘s internal elections. We demand a speedy end to the crisis, Romanians voted for us to make reforms, not a scandal.” With the departure of Florin Ciu, we “We are quickly closing the crisis he caused,” he said. Members of The PNL may also sign it, he noted, noting that we know there are members of parliament who fundamentally disagree with Prime Minister Ciu’s immoral way of working.

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