Bulgaria: November 14th Presidential Elections, Unknown Date for New Parliamentary Elections

“The failure of our deputies to re-elect a normal government does not exhaust their responsibility to the Bulgarian people and the agenda is not so much the date of the elections as if the National Assembly will be able to mobilize to do at least part of the legislative work.” “The responsibility for updating the budget falls on the deputies.”

This was stated by President Rumen Radev after the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) will return to the third term for the formation of the cabinet, which did not bear fruit on Tuesday, and the parliament decided to hold the presidential elections on November 14.

The rest of the day we all expect MPs to organize their work as best they can, Radev said, adding that in addition to updating the budget, there are other important bills.

The Bulgarian president did not set a specific date for the dissolution of the 46th National Assembly.

I have repeatedly stated that the mixture of parliamentary and presidential elections is against the spirit of our Constitution. Of course, the “2 in 1” option is not in the interest of the presidential institution, Radev added, adding that he would seek a reasonable balance for the election.

According to him, the issue of a cabinet is not on the agenda at the moment.

He did not comment on a possible future political plan for acting ministers Asen Vassilev and Kiril Petkov.

There is still time until the dissolution of parliament and this interim government has more work to do. By this I want to show that a new model is possible. This model proved successful, said Rumen Radev.

He stressed that the National Assembly refused to take any action regarding the recovery and sustainability plan. According to the President, this is not a good message for the Bulgarian people.

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