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BiH is urging its experts to get more involved in resolving the Trgovska Gora dispute

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations at the BiH Council of Ministers, Staša Košarac, requested that members of the BiH Expert Team be involved in the preparation of the earthquake risk study at the Trgovska Gora site, initiated by the Croatian Fund for Inactivation Financing of the Krško nuclear power plant.

“I believe that it is necessary for the members of the Expert Team to be enabled, in parallel with the competent authorities from Croatia, to be actively involved in the process of preparing an earthquake study in Trgovska Gora, as a potential site for construction of waste. radioactive and spent nuclear fuel ”. Kocarac stressed.

In a letter sent to the Chairman of the Expert Team, Košarac expressed support for the continued cooperation of local experts with the competent institutions in Croatia in order to contribute to finding a solution to the existing problem, which will protect the life and health of 13 municipalities. in the Una River basin and preserve the natural environment.

Kocarac reiterated the united stance of competent institutions at all levels of government in BiH on the inadmissibility of building landfills near the border, and called on them to provide maximum support for efforts to thwart neighboring Croatia, the Ministry of Foreign Trade. and Said Economic Relations.

He noted that he was not optimistic that Croatia would give up the construction of the controversial landfill in Trgovska Gora, but added that this does not reduce the need for BiH experts to be able to work in the field in parallel with their Croatian counterparts. in order to determine the factual situation on the basis of scientific and professional analysis.

“Therefore, I insist and support the ongoing cooperation, with the hope that it will result in competent institutions at all levels of government in BiH, as well as working bodies appointed by the Council of Ministers, receiving all the necessary information from relevant experts. from Croatia ”, said Košarac.

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