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BiH: Dodik prevented the adoption of decisions in the BiH Presidency

The Serb member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Milorad Dodik, came to today’s session in Sarajevo, but only to block the adoption of all proposed decisions.

Dodik was consistently “against”, so the opening of the Russian consulate in Banja Luka, which was one of the points in the BiH Presidency session, also failed. Of course, Dodik’s behavior irritated the other two members, Šefik Dhaferović and Chairman Željko Komšić.

“Only two pieces of information were adopted where consensus is not needed and where a decision can be taken by a majority of votes. This is a clear block on the institution of the BiH Presidency. We have not completed the process of appointing ambassadors who did not “They have given agreements to ambassadors appointed from other countries in BiH. This means that the competence of the BiH Presidency is endangered,” Xhaferovic told reporters after the meeting.

As he said, he expects the international community to take certain actions, above all the High Representative in BiH, Christian Schmidt, to resolve this situation and for BiH to function normally. Dzaferovic believes the international community should consider dismissing Milorad Dodik if he continues to block the Presidency.

At a press conference in East Sarajevo, Dodik said that participation in the work was not a blockade, as Šefik Dferaferović claims, and that his conduct was in line with the conclusions of the Republika Srpska National Assembly and was possible in this way as he did. .

“In the Srpska National Assembly, they said that there will be no decision-making until the dialogue is over, which we constantly propose to put on the agenda all open issues in BiH and before we agree and resolve the issues of “imposed a law (on the punishment of denial of genocide) which we consider unstable and which was repealed in the territory of Republika Srpska”, declared Dodik.

He noted that RS is seriously preparing to carry out such an order operatively.

“If the situation remains the same and there is no agreement on how to resolve the issue of the imposed law, the neglect of the institutions in Republika Srpska and the resolution of the issue of the fictitious High Representative in BiH, we will remain in this capacity, which means “Everyone will go to the National Assembly session to decide on those issues,” Dodik said.

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