Montenegro: Krivokapić will not travel to Cetinje on 5 September

The Prime Minister of Montenegro, Zdravko Krivokapić, said that he will not be in Cetinje on Monday, September 5th, when the coronation of Metropolitan Joanikije of Montenegro and Litoral will take place in the Cetinje Monastery. There will be no ban on enthronement, Krivokapić said on Twitter.

“I will not go to Cetinje for no reason, although as a person from Katun I understand all the people of Cetinje. I know we all have the characteristics of being genetically implanted. One of the characteristics of a man from Katuni is that he is stubborn but is a brave man. “I would ask us to forget courage and use faith, respect for others and justice,” Krivokapić said.

He said not going to Cetinje is the only contribution he can make.

Krivokapić said that a possible ban on rallies is an extreme measure if the dangers pose a danger to citizens.

“If I have ever uttered a word or misunderstood sentence, I apologize and ask that we do not make a conflict where it should not be,” the prime minister said.

He noted that if Serbian politician Nenad Čanak wants to come to Cetinje, no one will stop him unless he influences the security situation.

Interior Minister Sergej Sekulovic said police had a security assessment of the situation in Cetinje.

He noted that several thousand T-shirts with the image of St. Peter Cetinjski, which were taken from the group of citizens of Cetinje, were returned and kept to determine their origin and someone’s business.

“No one was deprived of their liberty, there were no detentions, all the T-shirts were returned, I do not see any problem,” he said.

Krivokapić stated on Twitter that the information regarding the coronation ban, as a last resort, was misreported and explained that he spoke about the announced counter-gathering.

“There will be no ban on the enthronement. Because, who knows for what reason, the misreported information and the complete truth, I want to inform the public that at today’s press conference I mentioned the possibility of banning the rally in Cetinje as a last resort, not referring to the coronation of Metropolitan Joanikije which, by a responsible and wise decision of the Metropolitan, was reduced to a measure known to the public, rather than to the announced counter-meeting, and which, of I repeat, as a last resort, if security assessments show that need, “Krivokapić wrote on Twitter.

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