Croatia: Dodik’s initiative is good but unrealistic, said President Milanov

The proposal by BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik that the presidents of Croatia, Serbia and Turkey act as mediators in talks on the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina is “well-intentioned but unrealistic”, as it is opposed by the other two members of the presidency. To the BiH presidency, Croatian President Zoran Milanovi Tha said on Monday.

“Dodik’s initiative is well-intentioned. “The aim is to comply with the Dayton Accords, which are constantly violated by certain people and political camps when they accuse Croatia of a criminal enterprise,” the state-run Hina news agency quoted Milanovic as telling the media in Split.

“And of the three members of the BiH Presidency, two have done so actively and on a daily basis,” he said, referring to Croatian Presidency member Željko Komçii dhe and Bosnian member Šefik Dhaferović.

Kocic, who currently holds the presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on Sunday resolutely rejected Dodik’s proposal for the presidents of Croatia, Serbia and Turkey to join in negotiations on ways to resolve internal issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I do not see how the two countries that committed an act of aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina today can have greater international credibility than the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, the EU, the UN or Russia on that issue. which witnessed the signing of the Dayton Agreement, “Komcic said in response to Dodik’s proposal.

“I do not believe that Dodik’s initiative is realistic because it requires a general consensus,” Milanovi tha said, adding that “when someone says you are a criminal and want to annex a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it means that they they do not believe you “

“But when Alija Izetbegović received the highest state decoration from Franjo Tuđman, that was fine, and a few years later his successors and political partners were saying that we wanted to carve out Bosnia and Herzegovina. “They have to reach an agreement on their own, and in the meantime, they have to refrain from violating the rights of the constituent peoples, mainly the Croats,” Hina Milanović was quoted as saying.

Dodik’s initiative aims to stress that the current situation in BiH is unstable, Milanov said.

“We do not need a new Dayton agreement, we just have to respect the existing one. The Dayton agreement has not failed, it is not being respected and violated. If it was respected, everything would be fine,” he said.

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