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BiH: Opposition in RS against changes to Dayton Peace Accords

Leaders of opposition parties in Republika Srpska met in Banja Luka on Monday to take a stand on recent statements by BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik. On Friday, after meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he said “the Dayton Accords in BiH are dead” and that a new agreement is needed.

SDS President Mirko Šarović said after a meeting with PDP presidents Branislav Borenović and DNS Nenad Nešić that they had also discussed resolving the crisis caused by the imposition of changes to the BiH Criminal Code by former High Representative Valentin Inzko.

“We declared that there was no progress in resolving this crisis and we got a new crisis after Milorad Dodik’s position that Dayton is dead and that a new political agreement is needed. The SDS and other opposition parties remain committed to the conclusions of the RS National Assembly. We have been acting responsibly for several weeks. It seems that the crisis suits the ruling parties and that is why a new crisis is being agreed upon, which is more dangerous than the first. It seems that there is an intention to continue with this crisis process until the elections. The thesis that a new political agreement is needed is the most dangerous statement of recent years. Calling on Dayton 2 and unpacking Dayton is unacceptable to SDS. “Here our paths change with the ruling parties, this is an adventure in which RS is entering,” said ovarović.

Borenovic said Dodik’s statement was the most dangerous blow to RS and its powers.

“Instead of resolving the issue of the law imposed by Inzko, Dodik is obviously trying to open a new political crisis with the SDA and HDZ. It is an adventure that could have detrimental consequences for RS. He is definitely preparing, in the coming days. , appointed representatives in BiH joint institutions to vote on a financial agreement that is very favorable to them, such as the purchase of the ITA building for 100 million KM.I warn them that RS ministers should not vote for “We remain committed to the conclusions of the RS National Assembly that there is no decision – making in BiH institutions while the issue of the law imposed by Inzko is not resolved. It can be resolved by internal agreement,” Borenović said.

Nenad Nešić, the leader of the DNS, said that Dodik was playing with fire and that this party would not allow this.

“The paths of the DNS and the SNSD have never been the same, especially not now. We only support the conclusions of the RS National Assembly. Here it is clear who will betray a Serbian interest – this is the president of the SNSD. He is the one who goes to meetings, his ministers take part in decision-making at BiH level SDS, DNS and PDP will always be in defense of the homeland.Unity can only be violated by SNSD.DNS has agreed that Dodik will take part in the meeting with Erdogan, but we are not in favor of unpacking Dayton, “said Necic.

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