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Northern Macedonia: The candidacy for the local elections will be submitted by August 30th

The State Election Commission (SEC) announced at today’s 17th session that so far 15 independent candidates for mayor have collected the necessary signatures to run in the local elections and 30 independent lists of councilors in different municipalities in the regional offices. of the SEC have collected signatures.

The collection of signatures for the candidates and independent councilors for mayors lasts until August 30 and the employees in the regional units will work one hour later tomorrow and Sunday, while on August 30, they will work until 24:00, was announced at the Me meeting

The collection of signatures of other independent mayoral candidates that have not been completed is ongoing, as are the lists of councilors.

The SEC at today’s hearing also announced that until yesterday, a total of 5,164 people had been checked on the Voters’ List. Of these, a total of 11 requests for registration in the Voters’ List were submitted, 12 requests for deletion of data from the Voters’ List and four requests for change of data in the Voters’ List.

The process of public inspection of the Voters List for the local elections scheduled for October 17 will last until September 9.

Citizens can exercise public control over regional units and SEC offices, as well as electronically through the Commission’s website.

Cooperation agreement between opposition parties for local elections

VMRO-DPMNE, the Alliance for Albanians and Alternativa will jointly fight corruption. This was announced at the meeting of the leaders of the three parties, Hristijan Mickoski, Ziadin Sela and Afrim Gashi, who practically announced the cooperation in the elections.

The three presidents noted that, according to a Transparency International report, which ranks Macedonia as the 111th worst country in history, co-operation with the opposition is inevitable in order to free local government units from corrupt governance. and non-transparent. spending money and the government of SDSM and DUI at all levels of government.

Therefore, they concluded that it is necessary to work together in order for municipalities to be institutions in the service of citizens, with strong and balanced local economic development, with financial support for decentralization in the fields of education, culture and sports. , as well as in the effort to become green municipalities that will provide clean air and environmental protection.

To better articulate the opposition vote, as well as to better represent the interests of all citizens at the local level, the three presidents, emphasizing these principles, decided to work together and support the mayoral candidates. Cooperation means that the mentioned parties will not run for mayor in some municipalities and will support each other and in other municipalities will compete with all other parties. The manner and details of cooperation will be agreed by the municipal organizations of the three parties.ibna

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