Romania: Supreme Defense Council Meeting

Romania’s Supreme Defense Council (CSAT), chaired by President Klaus Iohannis, met yesterday and decided to deploy 200 troops as part of a NATO operation for at least six months to help evacuate and transport from bases to Kuwait and Qatar, Afghan nationals because they worked for NATO missions in Afghanistan.

In the short and medium term, Romania will continue to support, especially through humanitarian and development funds, projects to improve the situation of Afghan citizens in Afghanistan and Afghan refugees. Cooperation with similar European institutions will be strengthened, especially with FRONTEX, but also with neighboring countries that are at risk of being affected, such as Romania, by potential waves of refugees from Afghanistan.

Furthermore, CSAT decided to activate the Inter-Ministerial Committee for the Integration of Refugees and asked the Ministry of Interior to urgently assess the possibilities of receiving refugees and asylum seekers in the country, as well as the possibilities of their expansion. ibna

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