Montenegro: Abazović visited ANB and stressed that there is no foreign army in the country

Deputy Prime Minister Dritan Abazović visited the National Security Agency (NSA) on Wednesday, where he met with Director Dejan Vukšić and his associates.

ANB fully protects the national interests of Montenegro and has the active support of the Government for all its activities. I have exchanged views with Director Vukšić on all the security challenges in our country and I can say that we are jointly committed to achieving the goals for the good of Montenegro. At the moment, peace, stability and development are priorities, and ANB makes a major contribution to such processes, Abazović said.

Abazović and Vukšić visited several key sectors of the ANB. They stated that ANB’s cooperation with international partners is at an extremely high level, which affects the credibility of Montenegro and its services.

Vukšić informed Abazovi. About the main activities that ANB is currently undertaking. They also exchanged views on the priority projects that ANB should implement in the coming period.

“Media articles that try to cast a shadow over the work of the security services or create discord among the leaders are completely inaccurate and are aimed at overthrowing the institutions of the system and damaging Montenegro’s international reputation. We will not allow it. We are determined to end crime, extremism and make Montenegro a prosperous and prosperous state for all its citizens. “I am convinced that ANB and all its employees are fully committed to this goal,” Abazović concluded.

Deputy Prime Minister for National Security Adviser Miodrag Lakovic also attended the meeting.

Earlier, Abazovic posted a video statement on social media in which he said that there is no foreign army in Montenegro, nor will there be.

He urged citizens not to listen to the daily propaganda, which, he said, is aimed at disrupting interethnic relations in Montenegro. Abazović says that there will surely be more and more such texts in the media in the coming days.

“Let us do everything together to protect the national interests and to follow the path of progress and the European future of Montenegro! “We are here to guarantee peace and stability and full respect for the laws and the Constitution of Montenegro,” Abazovic said in a video statement.

“The National Security Agency is fully protecting the national interests of Montenegro and has the active support of the Government for all its activities,” said the Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro.

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