Romania: Orban denounces Ciţu for purges in PNL

Ludovic Orban denounces the “purges” carried out by Florin Ciţu in the National Liberal Party (PNL), which targeted mainly liberals who support Ludovic Orban for the post of party president. He gave examples of people persecuted by the party, including 17 colleagues in Timisoara, as well as inspectors general of schools in Brăila, Bucharest and Argeş.

“Many people were fired from every public post because they were my supporters. It is not right, it is not normal. “Some of my colleagues may think they are in the Communist Party, but no, we really are in the National Liberal Party,” Ludovic Orban said. It also launched a new offensive against Prime Minister Florin Cițu over commodity prices and the decision to replace Finance Minister Alexandru Nazare without consulting him.

“The president of the PNL should enjoy respect, especially because this president has taken the party out of a state of disintegration and mistrust and turned it into a victorious party, the most powerful party in Romania, the main ruling party.” If the prime minister or someone. “another does not respect the president of the PNL, you can not ask Romanian citizens to respect him or the PNL as a whole,” Ludovic Orban told B1tv.

The Liberal leader also said that at the next PNL congress, not a “winning team” would be elected, but the party president.

“There is a race between me and Florin Cîţu. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze my candidacy: who I am, what I have done for PNL, what I am still able to do for PNL and to what extent

“My opponent is comparable to me in this race where betting is important and where the winner will take everything,” Ludovic Orban confirmed, without regretting the nomination of Florin Cicu as prime minister.ibna

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